The CAL AQUA “Oracle” and “Double-Check” – two exceptional drop checkers

With all of the advancements in drop checkers these days, it is becoming evident that not all drop checkers are created equally.  CAL AQUA LABS has taken the concept of the drop checker and expanded upon it to create the innovative “Oracle” and “Double Check” Drop Checkers.  These drop checkers are designed to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality in CO2 glassware, while enhancing the ease of use.  It is this ease of use that makes these two drop checkers exceptional.

The CAL AQUA “Oracle” Drop Checker

Unique to the “Oracle” is a small white column at the center of the solution chamber.  This column provides a white background for definitive color contrast and precise color identification when observing the solution color in the checker.  In a standard drop checker it can be a difficult task to make an accurate judgement of the solution color if the checker is placed against a dark background or in front of plants; this can affect precise measurement of CO2 concentration in the aquarium water.

Also unique to the “Oracle is a wide neck for easier filling of the indicator solution.  The increased width of the reservoir creates a wider air-water interface which allows for a faster response time in the change of the solution color.

The CAL AQUA “Double Check” Drop Checker

The “Double Check” is the first all-glass dual-compartment drop checker that allows the user to accurately compare, side-by-side, the CO2 level in one’s planted aquarium against an optimal CO2 concentration, indicated by a standard green reference solution.  It is designed to be efficient and accurate, implementing a simple visual comparison of the indicator solution and a standard reference solution. The reference solution is simply a green reference color that represents the optimal level of CO2 in the aquarium.  When compared with the indicator solution color, the optimal level of co2 can be determined and achieved.

Check out our selection of CO2 drop checkers at our webstore, Green Leaf Aquariums.  We hope that you will find the perfect one for your needs.

One thought on “The CAL AQUA “Oracle” and “Double-Check” – two exceptional drop checkers

  1. I bought the Oracle drop checker a few months ago. I’m very happy with it. It looks great in my planted Aquarium. I get several complaments on how nice it looks. The service is A+ and you could not find a better company to work with.

    Thanks for everything.



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