Green Leaf Aquariums Co2 Regulator Upgrade 2010

Hey folks!

It has come to our attention that Clippard solenoids are now being manufactured in China. This change has forever changed the quality of the Clippard solenoid we know so well in the hobby. We had no choice but to bring in a better alternative to keep the quality of our co2 systems a step above the rest.

Please note! We have not used any of the China made solenoids on any of our co2 systems or regulators. The Clippard solenoid shown in these photos is 1 of 400 valves that was returned to Clippard. I kept the one valve so I could demonstrate the difference’s.

So without further adieu we bring you the best aquarium co2 solenoid in the world that will now be featured on every Green Leaf Aquariums CO2 regulator from here on out. I have put together a few photos to illustrate the difference between the 2 valves.

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