Awesome Aquariums at a Lower Price

In an effort to meet our customer’s needs, we lowered the prices of all of our rimless aquariums. These aquariums are custom manufactured for GLA, featuring design simplicity, high glass clarity, and strength. Our rimless aquariums are built with a specially formulated German-made silicone that bonds the glass together with extreme durability and clarity. Our current aquarium selection features tanks of various shapes and sizes, from nano 7 gallon tanks to larger 48 gallon tanks. Coming soon, we will also have three new aquariums, including a stunning 60 gallon cube tank, dimensions 24x24x24 inches. We recently acquired a demo model, and it is awesome! In addition, we will have a 65 gallon / 48x18x18in tank and a 40 gallon / 30x18x18in tank. Check back with us soon to see when these tanks will be available for sale.

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