New Elos Test Kits – pH, GH, and KH

Check out our newest Elos Aqua Test kits, pH, GH, and KH, all made specifically for freshwater aquariums. For under $20, each kit offers more than 50+ precise tests, is batch validated using NSIT samples, and features aquarium “safe reagents”.

You should never have to guesstimate your water parameters. Regular use of pH and alkalinity test kits is the only way to spot trends and problems that need to be immediately addressed. Significant pH changes can be fatal, and can be prevented with stable alkalinity (also affected by GH & KH).

The Elos precise colorimetric pH kit measures a usable pH range of 5.8 – 8.3, specifically designed for freshwater aquariums. Additionally, the Elos pH kit features a color chart calibrated with RealColor technology for accuracy and ease of use.

GH (General Hardness) and KH (Carbonate Hardness)test kits measure dissolved mineral content in your water. Use GH and KH test kits to determine how hard your tap water is. Proper hardness creates the appropriate environment for your aquarium life, and affects pH stability.

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