Green Leaf Aquariums announces new Co2 Diffuser’s

Green Leaf Aquariums is happy to announce a revolutionary advancement in co2 distribution. We are the first provider of a this full line of new co2 diffusers. At first glance they may appear to be just an ordinary airstone or inline diffuser, but they are far from ordinary.

These co2 diffusers utilize a new type of high pressure permeable ceramic that produces an extremely micro size co2 bubble that when injected into an aquarium replicates a foggy day in the aquarium for a brief second, then the co2 is instantly 100% absorbed due to the micro sized bubble.

These Green Leaf Aquarium Atomic co2 diffusers require a higher working pressure, a minimum of 30psi, and Co2 pressure rated tubing is a must!

We will have several sizes to offer, including: 5 “In the tank” models and 2 inline diffuser models for canister filters. All models will utilize this revolutionary high pressure permeable ceramic.

Remember!!! These are not what you see in every Ebay shop. We are the first to offer these in a full size range in the USA, not to be compared to any other brand in the market guaranteed!

2 thoughts on “Green Leaf Aquariums announces new Co2 Diffuser’s

  1. These sound very interesting, but I have a few questions. In a rather broad sense, my questions are about what type of modifications have to be made to existing diffusion type systems in order to use these new CO2 systems. You mention that because of the higher CO2 line pressure required, the use of CO2 pressure tubing is a must. What does this tubing look like? How much does it cost? Also, what does this mean to your existing line of CO2 regulators and parts? Are parts like your bubble counter and how they connect to the GLA regulators going to have to be different? Finally, what about safety? Is there anything that should be done differently now that you have an airline w/ a higher pressure in it?


  2. No modifications need to be made. The only thing you need to have is adequate working pressure of 30psi. Co2 pressure rated tubing is the exact tubing we sell, its rated to 70psi @ $7.50 for 10′.

    Nothing on your regulator needs to change. However, we have noticed folks who build/DIY there own rig find leaks in there system they did not find before at 10psi working pressure. After raising the working pressure to 30psi be sure all your connections are tightly sealed.

    There are no problems either with safety. But like anything else using any amount of pressure above 3psi, caution must be taken when installing and using a pressurized co2 system . Definitely have an experienced adult around when working with pneumatic pressure.

    In all, make sure you have a proper working regulator with absolutely no leaks.


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