Cal Aqua Labs now in stock!

Cal Aqua Labs has introduced another new drop checker. This particular drop checker is available with or without a suction pad. The Cal Aqua Labs Clip drop checker is the most versatile drop checker on the planet when it comes to placement in the planted aquarium environment.

The white background the Cal Aqua Labs Clip Drop Checker has makes reading the color changes a breeze from a distance.

Here you can see the many ways in which you can use the Cal Aqua labs Clip Drop Checker

Green Leaf Aquariums Atomic CO2 Diffuser PartII

Green Leaf Aquariums has introduced a new line of Atomic Co2 Diffusers that will take co2 distribution to the next level with ease for any planted tank enthusiasts. These diffusers are so efficient at what they do that you will be able to save time and money on co2 refills.

Where we use to use 3-4 or 5-6 bubbles per second, we can now relax and slow things down and work easily with 1-2 bubbles per second. These diffusers require a working pressure of 30psi along side with the use of our co2 resistant tubing that is better suited at higher working pressure.

The video plays well in a few of the HD settings.

Green Leaf Aquariums Atomic Co2 Diffuser. The king of co2 mist diffusion.

Green Leaf Aquariums is very proud to offer a new line of CO2 diffusers in the US never before seen in the planted aquarium hobby. There are 2 models to choose from, inline diffusers or the “in tank” diffusers. Both of these models require a co2 regulator working pressure at minimum of 30-35psi and will also require the use of co2 pressure rated tubing.

These diffusers are the most efficient co2 mist makers compared to any other style of co2 misting device.  This is by far the most efficient co2 mist distribution for the planted aquarium on the market.  At GLA we see no reason to provide anything of lesser quality or caliber when it comes to proving your planted aquarium with the most efficient co2 distribution method in the planted aquarium hobby. Gone are the days of fragile glass diffusers.

Featuring the world’s finest and highest CO2 diffusion rate, our in-tank and in-line  create supreme diffusion of CO2 in aquarium water. With a bubble size of less than 0.1mm in diameter, the CO2 diffused is capable of 100% dissolution in the aquarium water.


Green Leaf Aquariums announces new Co2 Diffuser’s

Green Leaf Aquariums is happy to announce a revolutionary advancement in co2 distribution. We are the first provider of a this full line of new co2 diffusers. At first glance they may appear to be just an ordinary airstone or inline diffuser, but they are far from ordinary.

These co2 diffusers utilize a new type of high pressure permeable ceramic that produces an extremely micro size co2 bubble that when injected into an aquarium replicates a foggy day in the aquarium for a brief second, then the co2 is instantly 100% absorbed due to the micro sized bubble.

These Green Leaf Aquarium Atomic co2 diffusers require a higher working pressure, a minimum of 30psi, and Co2 pressure rated tubing is a must!

We will have several sizes to offer, including: 5 “In the tank” models and 2 inline diffuser models for canister filters. All models will utilize this revolutionary high pressure permeable ceramic.

Remember!!! These are not what you see in every Ebay shop. We are the first to offer these in a full size range in the USA, not to be compared to any other brand in the market guaranteed!

8 Tips and “Must Knows” for your CO2 Regulator and Cylinder!

  1. Don’t just remove your CO2 regulator when it’s time to refill. Before you remove it from the cylinder, make sure that you relieve the working pressure from the low pressure gauge. This prevents future damage to the low pressure gauge when you re-install the regulator onto the cylinder.
  2. Vent your CO2 cylinder for 1 to 2 seconds after you fill or refill it, before installing any components to the cylinder. This removes any debris that may be lodged in the cylinder valve. Preventing debris from entering the solenoid of your CO2 regulator and prolonging the life of your CO2 equipment.
  3. After you fill or refill your CO2 cylinder, make sure the cylinder reaches ambient room temperature before re-installing your CO2 regulator. This ensures that the pressure in the cylinder has equalized so that your regulator can take accurate pressure readings.
  4. Don’t forget to put your seal between the cylinder valve and regulator. When using a permaseal, hand-tighten only, a wrench is usually not required and may damage the permaseal if used.
  5. When you are ready to install your regulator to the cylinder make the connection as tight as possible. Use a crescent wrench or CO2 wrench to ensure maximum tightness, so there are no leaks or loss of CO2.
  6. Never over-tighten the bubble counter on your CO2 regulator. Doing so may damage the components that protect your regulator from contamination, or cause the bubble counter to break off.
  7. Don’t forget to use a check valve. To protect your CO2 equipment, install a check valve in your CO2 tubing, close the the aquarium but not in it. This prevents water from creeping out of the aquarium through your tubing, and towards your regulator.
  8. Last of all, if you ever have any questions or problems with your CO2 regulator ALWAYS contact us. Never attempt to diagnose or repair your regulator without prior consultation.

Still a little fuzzy when it comes to the drop checker!?

When using a drop checker in your aquarium, you should know what the color of the indicator solution means for the CO2 levels in your aquarium. Accurate color observations can be made approximately 2 hours after initial placement of the drop checker in your tank.

BLUE —> too little CO2 or low CO2 levels —> increase the rate of CO2

GREEN —> proper CO2 levels —> no action needed

YELLOW —> too much CO2 or high CO2 levels —> decrease the rate of CO2

Time for a Refill?

Don’t just remove your CO2 regulator when it’s time to refill. Be cautious, before you remove it from the cylinder, make sure that you relieve the working pressure from the low pressure guage. This measure prevents future damage to the low pressure guage when you reinstall the regulator onto the cylinder. Watch our video to help you learn how to properly remove your CO2 regulator.

New Cal Aqua Labs Double Drop Checker

Cal Aqua Labs’ “Double Check” drop checker is the only all-glass dual-compartment CO2 checker that allows the user to accurately compare the CO2 level in your aquarium side-by-side against a standard reference. The top chamber holds the CO2 indicator solution, whereas the bottom chamber carries a CO2 reference solution. The reference solution color corresponds to 30 ppm of CO2 – a level that is widely accepted for good plant growth in most aquariums.

No more guessing on the shades of green. No more looking back-and-forth at color sheets to compare. You know the precise CO2 level simply by comparing the colors in the two compartments side-by-side. Don’t guess, be sure! It’s as simple as that.